Kate is the founder of Bini, as it was she who came up with the concept. Like most great ideas, Bini was born as a random thought, which crossed Kates mind while she was on a venture to buy a perfect winter beanie hat and turned into a thought of creating amazing, innovative children pouf. The desire for creating this product was so strong that it took only a few days for Kate to come up with the prototype which tugged heartstrings immediately. The name naturally was a no brainer: BINI – inspired by the simple beanie hut.
Michal was Kate’s right-hand man from the very beginning as he offered his practical, theoretical and manual skills and knowledge to meet Kate’s creativity and to help the Bini concept evolve into a product. Michal supports Kate and the team whenever his experience is needed.
Magda has joined the Bini team more recently and can be seen as Godmother of the project as she keeps her close eye on the day to day operations. Magda looks after the marketing side of the project and is responsible for the customer relations which means that she is here for you. We like to call her the slighter of chaos as she gracefully resolves any issues and makes sure our promise of delivering the best product and customer service is always met.
Everyone within the BINI’s family is a parent, madly in love with their child. Our kids are our biggest inspiration and motivation, and they are the once who give us creativity and keep us on our toes. We invest in our brand through continuous consistency, creativity, and growth. We believe in our brand as our products put a smile on our and your children’s faces. We are filled with joy as we see BINI arrive at new homes and destinations around the world. We’ll be happy if you join us on this incredible journey.

We create for you!

How our pouffes are made

What material do we make Binis from?

Our cotton is woven especiallly for us. We are in love at first sight with the raw, 100% natural character of our material. Our cotton has OEKO-TEX certificate, which means that is safe for people and enviromnet.

What is the pouf stuffed with?

The poufs are filled with 100% european expanded polystirene beads.

How to take care of Binis?

Can the pouf be machine washed?

Yes, Binis can be machine washed. The outer part of the pouf is attached with a zip concealed on the bottom and can be easily removed and put in the washing machine.

At what temperature should I wash my Bini?

We recommend washing poufs in 30 degrees.

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